Photo credit: Darin Kamnetz, I AM MPLS 2017

aniki is an ENTREPRENEUR, INNOVATOR and philanthropist encouraging youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.

about aniki allen

His love for cold treats and fashion, this young mogul founded Ice Cream Bow Ties, a neck wear company in 2016 when he was only 9 years young. Through creativity and play, he was able to create a unique bow tie made of Lego(R) pieces that all ages would love. His passion for encouraging youth entrepreneurship led him to established Yungpreneur Workshop with Aniki Allen, which is an intimate workshop on how creativity can lead to business and entrepreneurship. He has successfully hosted three (3) workshops in the Metro Twin Cities-St.Paul/Minneapolis, MN area as well as the Greater Milwaukee, WI area.

In 2018, he holds the title as the youngest Dandy recipient at only 10 years old. The Dandies Project- Minnesota, is an exhibit highlighting the positive influence & impact that men of color have in their community. Aniki continues to inspire both the young and old. Giving back to the community is important, whether it is through monetary donations, product and knowledge or opportunities; he is a firm believer that you can help anyone with whatever you may have. He makes it a personal goal to donate to 10 local charities or event yearly. He has been featured in many fashion shows, events and have been mentioned in many media outlets for his inspiring courage.

Aniki is currently a 6th grader and resides in Twin Cities, MN with his parents and his dog Snow. His aspirations are to finish college and play professional basketball in the NBA.

Aniki, is the youngest Dandies recipient, yet!
— The Dandies Project, 2018

What ANIKI HAVE Achieved

  • #iamGREATNESS Fashion Show, June 2017

  • B R I C K S Bow Tie Exhibit, November 2017

  • I AM MPLS FASHION SHOW, December 2017

  • Yungpreneur Workshop, February 2018

  • Youngest Dandies Recipient, February 2018

  • LPF Fashion Show, April 2018

  • Yungpreneur Workshop, August 2018

  • Launched THE HMONG COLLECTION, September 2018

  • Yungpreneur Workshop, November 2018

  • #iamGREATNESS KIDS’ FASHION SHOW, November 2018

  • Launched AGOD Inspiration- 31 days of inspiration, May 2019

  • Launched ANIKI T-Shirt Line, May 2019

  • Fashion Week MN- ANIKI: Kids Fashion Show, May 2019

  • ANIKI: Kids Fashion Show, May 2019 (Fashion Week MN Event)